Model and artist JANE MOSELEY opens up the gates of her Los Angeles home to show us her prized treasures – and introduces us to her furry comrades in arms

Photography by Max Farago

“Marilyn Manson was my first concert as a tween at the Forum in Los Angeles. In the middle of his set he fell and broke his ankle and was carried offstage. I rescued my opossum, Goblin, when he was a few weeks old. He had been abandoned by his mother in my friend’s backyard and was dying from exposure. My boyfriend and I fed him puppy formula and Pedialyte with a syringe until he was strong enough to start eating solid foods. He isn’t totally keen on us, but he abides. People think opossums are gross and have diseases, but they actually have a colder body temperature which makes them incapable of hosting things like rabies”


“I always feel for black cats because they are usually the least adopted, which doesn’t make sense to me because you would think the superstitions about black cats would make them more covetable. Plus they are chic, like tiny panthers.”


“These monster feet are from the Hallowe’en store. I bought them on sale; they might be for a wolfman costume or something. My friends think it’s funny that I bought a Tesla because (if you can’t tell from the photos) I live in fairly grotesque living conditions: animals everywhere, dirty carpets, lots of cheap shit cluttering the place and then I have this ridiculous car. I guess that’s the way most of my life operates: high-low.”


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