An organised uniform is intended to prevent the wastage of time on matters
of personal vanity, thereby creating a level playing field for everyone that wears it.Dissent, though, is just an untucked shirt away

Photography by Clara Balzary Styling by Brian Molloy

Jacket, by Tommy Hilfiger, £47 from Burlington Coat Factory; dress, £35 from Flynn O’Hara; turtleneck, £23, by Uniqlo; gloves, £12 from International Boutique, New York; headband, £215, by Sophie Buhai

As close to a halo as most of us are going to get, the velvet padded headband has come out of style hibernation


Jacket, £67 from Flynn O’Hara; shirt, £39, by LL Bean; turtleneck, £23, and socks, £2.50, both by Uniqlo; skirt, by Comme des Garçons, from Resurrection, London; tights, £47, by Wolford; shoes from Anatomica, Paris; headband, £31.20 from Zitomer

Land and sea: subvert the beachy connotations of espadrilles and wear with chunky socks for a peculiarly appealing finish to an outfit


Hat from Early Halloween, London; jacket, £67 from Flynn O’Hara; shirt, £39, by LL Bean; turtleneck, £23, by Uniqlo


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Model: Carolina Burgin at The Society. Hair: Tamara McNaughton. Make-up: Fara Homidi. Casting: Noah Shelley. Photography assistant: Mark Underwood. Fashion assistant: Sarah Lequimener