At home on the range in Portugal, model JAMIE BOCHERT demonstrates the self-sufficient methods that earned this plot of earth its Wildlife Estates label. Committed to nurturing biodiversity, the farm exemplifies the small but vital steps that can be undertaken for the conservation of nature. Vegetable patches and arable land are interlaced with corridors of wild flowers for colonies of pollinating bees, while sustainable herds of cattle, lamb, pig, deer, ducks and chickens graze on natural pasture. The fields form mosaics round untouched, natural land, home to the rare Iberian red partridge – a reminder that the key to the future is sharing the world with all forms of life. Get generous!

Photography by Angelo Pennetta

The farm does its best to reduce waste, to complete the cycle of goods, getting the best of their use. It affects almost every activity at the farm: the vegetable garden supplies not only the family, but all the workers and their families, and is also an important part of the feeding cycle of many of the farm’s animals.



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