Art director and activist MARINA TESTINO travelled across Europe with nothing but this tiny carry-on bag, all in the name of conscious consumption and reducing her carbon footprint

Photography by Jenny van Sommers Text by Ross Aston

Aeroplane travel is an inevitable part of modern life, one tricky to avoid and damaging to the environment. Marina Testino, founder of Point Off View, a collaborative fashion/ art clothing brand, decided to set herself a challenge: to go on a trip with only a small carry-on suitcase. Not taking three trunks was a little action that she thought could go a long way in minimising the impact of flying. Marina wasn’t going on some weekend away, either – it was a two-month trek, covering not only beaches in Spain but rural landscapes in France and inner-city streets in England. In other words, she couldn’t just fill a bag with bikinis and get away with it. “I found it challenging when my key pieces were being washed; I had to be creative. I once used a denim skirt as a top.” It made her value what she had with her, though there were missteps: “I went to Saint-Tropez in my first week and lost a shirt at a beach party.” It’s the small things that matter when traversing the globe with carry- on alone. “You can fit in public transport instead of taking a taxi, which is quicker and more eco-friendly,” Marina explains. “People should stop caring whether or not they can wear the same thing twice, too, and consume with care,” she adds. “I was tired of having to pick a different outfit every day. With fewer options, everything was a lot easier.” And that’s the whole point of a holiday, is it not?

Marina’s top 5 packing essentials

1. Red striped bathing suit from Natasha Tonic,
handmade using sustainable hemp fabric.
2. White shirt borrowed from Marina’s dad: “When I asked to borrow it, he didn’t know that I would be away for the next two months.”
3. Refillable Que water bottle to avoid having to buy single-use plastic ones.
4. Pair of Ecoalf trainers, made from recycled plastic bottles.
5. Long green jumpsuit: “I wore it on a couple of dates with…
you know who you are ;)”