THRIFT is the new publishing, art project and brain child of photographer Will Grundy and stylist Beatriz Maués. The couple have been shooting friends and models around the world over the course of 5 years wearing unique vintage discoveries from various cities. These images featuring recycled clothing is their way of delivering the message of resourcefulness over wastefulness. 

THRIFT encourages the viewer to take a more informed and considered approach to their personal consumption of fashion, with a hope of opening a dialogue to promote an ethos of sustainability. It also celebrates the thrill of the hunt, the joys in discovering a unique thrift shop find. Like the unique one-off pieces they collect, this limited 54 page book is printed in the limited edition of 200. 

In addition to this beautiful publication, the pair visited Lixão da Estrutural, the largest landfill South America, located in Brazil. Grundy documented the site, containing approximately over 50 million tonnes of garbage, before it was closed earlier this year. These powerful images show the sheer expanse of this landfill, highlighting the unfathomable wastefulness the consumerist world we live in. The images from the landfill were shown in an exhibition along side a selection from THRIFT in a pop up gallery in Hackney. This juxtaposition of these photographs provoke thought about mass production and mindfulness about the waste we make.