Meet the residents of Ho Chi Minh City, home to one of Vietnam’s busiest garment districts. MORE OR LESS gets acquainted with some of the locals as they model timeless – and timely – ensembles selected from the city’s bustling secondhand markets, in the home of fast-fashion manufacturing

Photography by Laurence Ellis Styling by Jason Rider

Nguyen Van Thuan, designer, 25, wears shirt by Farnese, £3; vintage tracksuit trousers, £4; shoes, model’s own.

Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong, student, 20, wears T-shirt by Hanes, £2; vintage dress, £4; sandals, £2 from a street vendor.

Thi Tham, factory worker, 28, wears top and trousers by Novi, £4; sandals, model’s own.
Nguyen Thi Hoa Mo, factory worker, 29, wears vintage top and trousers, £4; shoes, model’s own.