A rising star nurtured by the Red Hook Labs project, Brooklyn high-schooler DENISE HEWITT photographs her friends on the brownstone streets of Carroll Gardens in a mixture of reworked vintage and recycled pieces

Styling by Beth Fenton  Text by Ross Aston


Tyler wears polo neck, jackets, trousers, shoes, model’s own; necklace, £248, brooch, £283, both by Alice Sprintzen; badge, stylist’s own

We should begin this on a word of warning to all fellow olds, these shoots from Red Hooks Labs’ freshest talent are going to make you feel inadequate. The public-benefit organisation, a brainchild of Jimmy Moffat (co-founder of esteemed agency Art + Commerce), has outposts in its namesake of Red Hook, an enclave of Brooklyn, and in downtown Los Angeles. The institution is comprised of four different Labs, with its School department assisting in the nurturing of emerging photographers. As well as offering resources, it guides attendees through creative workshops with the aim of instilling not just educational but also long-term employment goals. The young people there are high achievers, the kind that make anybody over a certain age begin bitterly tallying up their younger selves’ accomplishments.

For More Or Less, we commissioned two members, Jasbeth Perez and Denise Hewitt, to produce a series of photographs each. “From the moment I first held a camera, I knew I wanted to always take pictures,” says Jasbeth, who taught herself Japanese over Youtube and has a passion for skateboarding as well as photography. “I just want to tell the stories of all types of people and things. Red Hook Labs is so honourable in what they do, whilst also being a euphoric place – it has provided me with big opportunities to do what I love.” They were mentored throughout their shoots by photographer Max Farago and Moffat himself; the experience exemplifies not only the power of teaching professional skills but of creative expression. “As an otherwise mild-mannered and quiet person, photography gives me a voice I might not otherwise have,” Denise says. “Photography has become such a huge part of my life now and Red Hook Labs is like a home to me, with such a warm and weird family of friends there. I have never felt more support and love.”


Ashar wears jacket, £212, trousers, £155, both by Zed from Lydia Rodrigues Collection; T-shirt by Kowtow, £49 from Lydia Rodrigues Collection; necklace by Alice Sprintzen, £477


Faridat wears jacket, trainers, stylist’s own; dress, £283, T-shirt, £141, both by Giovanna Flores; sash by Sophie Andes Gascon, £190, from Lydia Rodrigues Collection; headscarf by Sally Shore, £57; socks by Asos, £9; choker by Marland Backus, £141; necklace by Tanith, £21


Lechanté wears jacket, shorts, model’s own; bodysuit, £41, boots, £63, both by Dolls Kill; hat, stylist’s own; sunglasses, £7 from St Marks; necklace by Bunny Elizabeth, £236 from Lydia Rodrigues Collection


Tyler wears jumpsuit, £240, shirt, £46, both by Audrey Louise Reynolds; shoes, model’s own; necklace by Alice Sprintzen, £531


Tyler wears polo neck, jackets, model’s own; necklace, £248, brooch, £283, both by Alice Sprintzen; badge, stylist’s own.


Lechanté wears jacket by Giovanna Flores, £708; boots by Dolls Kill, £41

Models: Ashar Alleyne, Lechanté Browne, Tyler Mitchell, Farida Salami.Fashion Assistants: Jordyn Payne, Cathleen Peters


board meeting

Sixteen-year-old Red Hook Labs student JASBETH PEREZ shoots the Stoner Skate Park scene in Venice, California, as mentored by Max Farago

Jairo Garcia and Axel Escobar.


Mike Hall


Kobi Devlin


Skaters co-ordinate simultaneous ollies; Andrew Scott takes a towel break