Reflecting on oneself and learning about others is a vital part of good mental wellbeing – it’s as important as your five-a-day. Designer and artist CLAIRE BARROW and her mother JANET explore their personalities with a questionnaire about themselves and each other. No conferring allowed!

Photography by Camille Summers-Valli Styled by Charlotte Roberts Interview by Ross Aston

Claire wears dress, socks and boots her own; corset, Claire Barrow


How would Janet describe her personal style? “Glamorous Northern lady.”

How would you describe your own personal style? “Thrown-together small bits and pieces with no particular reference point.”

What’s your favourite item of clothing? “My punk band T-shirts that I’ve never been able to part with, no matter how knackered they are.”

Which do you prefer, angels or fairies? “Fairies.”

What’s been Janet’s biggest fashion faux-pas? “Her polo-neck, skirt, wool tights and boots moment in the mid-2000s. Very Vicky B inspired.”

What’s been your biggest fashion faux-pas? “I used to wear this floor-length beige wool and faux-fur coat all the time. My mum hated it and cheered when I put it in the bag for the charity shop. I still liked it, I did it just for her.”

If you were a high-ranking member of the Illuminati, what would you do with your power? “Help others.”

Complete the sentence: “Janet is a natural-born…” “…mum.”

How much do you believe aesthetic choices define an individual’s identity? “I am more confident and comfortable now that I have modifications such as tattoos. Mum isn’t always happy about them, but I think she knows deep down I’m happier this way.”

What are Janet’s favourite bands? “She likes Abba, Fleetwood Mac, Take That and Ed Sheeran.”

What’s your favourite colour, and Janet’s? “Both of us like pink.”

What’s Janet’s favourite food? “Errr… fish.”

What’s one of the biggest things that Janet has taught you? “She taught me to work hard, taking me to dancing and acting classes and then supporting me going to fashion college at 16. I didn’t think my goals were out of reach and that’s because she allowed me to dream and be ambitious.”

Janet wears trousers, Halpernl shirt, Claire Barrow


How would you describe your personal style? “I would say that I’m more of a follower of current high-street trends.”

How would Claire describe her personal style? “Claire is a natural-born creative who has her own unique individual style that she has built.”

What’s Claire’s favourite item of clothing? “Anything from her own collections, as all of the clothing that she makes has a message.”

Which does Claire prefer, angels or fairies? “Fairies.”

What’s been your biggest fashion faux-pas? “There was a time when I wore a lot of polo-neck jumpers.”

What’s been Claire’s biggest fashion faux-pas? “I once dressed her in a striped T-shirt tucked into white jeans, for a christening when she was 10. That wasn’t the best.”

If Claire were a high-ranking member of the Illuminati, what would she do with her power? “She would strive to achieve peace and equality in the world.”

Complete the sentence: “I am a natural-born…” “…worrier.”

Which of Claire’s tattoos is your favourite? “I am not a massive fan of tattoos, but I love that Claire has a portrait of me when I was 22 tattooed on her arm, I like to think it’s her favourite of her tattoos.”

What are your favourite bands? “I like Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac, Take That and Wet Wet Wet and George Michael.”

What’s your favourite colour, and Claire’s? “I like pink, as does Claire.”

What’s your favourite food? “Any dish that has fish in it.”

What’s Claire’s best personal attribute? “She has a real strength that has given her the determination to stay true to her aesthetic and beliefs. I admire it so much in my daughter.”

Photographer’s assistant: Andras Bartok. Hair: Shiori Takahashi. Make-up: Mona Leanne. Post-production: Phoenix Bespoke. Production: Parent. Special thanks to Prolighting, Apairy Studios.