Artist and poet COCO GORDON MOORE opens up her wardrobe and lets us in on a secret – clothing with a history behind it always wins out over short-lived trends. Comprising secondhand pieces and hand-me-downs from her mother, Sonic Youth’s KIM GORDON, this is a closet with story to tell.

Photography by Bella Newman Styling by Max Ortega

Coco wears vintage spaghetti-strap top by Phare and dress by Mayle, both from her mom; jewellery, her own

“Everyone should always buy and wear pre-worn clothing. Most of my closet is my mum’s stuff or pieces that I have thrifted. In general, I try not to get too caught up in all the consumerism bullshit. Pre-worn clothing holds history; there’s something special and personal about it. New clothing is cool too, and is important for change and culture, but it’s something I simply care less for.”

Coco wears dress, from Mavi Staiano; jewellery, her own

“My parents have been the biggest influence on my aesthetic and beliefs, just for the amount of books and records and art that I keep around me. I have a specific memory from our old apartment in New York: behind my mom and dad’s bed was a huge array of different objects and framed artworks. They covered an entire brick wall. It was weird-looking, but that, and the thin blue line that my mum painted around our kitchen, I loved.”

Coco wears vintage vest, from Coco; dress, by Mayle, from Coco; jewellery, from Coco

“The red floral dress also used to belong to my mom and is by Mayle. I’ve had that forever… I have vivid memories of her wearing it. I held on to it since I was a teenager, knowing that one day it would fit me right. It’s why I never get rid of anything! Our bodies and attitudes are forever changing.”

Coco wears vintage dress, from Mavi Staiano; boots, by Dolce and Gabbana, from Coco.

“A Sketch of Romance was my first chapbook. It was released in 2017 and came out of necessity. I needed to write those words and let people read them in order to get through some of the pain I was experiencing. All the proceeds from its sale went to different non-profits; all those from my second book, Today I Hate the Sun, went to the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. I’m currently working on a new one, which I’m planning to use to aid Red Dot Campaign, an amazing organisation that works to destigmatise the period as well as collect tampons and pads for homeless shelters, women’s shelters and underfunded schools.”

Coco wears top by Mayle, from her mom; jeans by Guess, from Buffalo Exchange; jewellery, from Coco; boots by Dolce & Gabbana, from Marchive

“Here I am wearing a Mayle blouse. I think I got it from my mum when we sold our house in Northampton, MA, and she was trying to get rid of a bunch of clothes before her move to Los Angeles. The trousers are just these Guess jeans that I got at Buffalo Exchange one day in desperation because the ones I had on were too tight!”

Casting director: Rachel Chandler at Midland Agency
Hair: Rita Marmor
Make-up: Daniel Duran
Nails: Nori
Photo assistant: Christopher Randall